Saturday, October 25, 2008

I've jumped again.

Job jump that is. I have a new job working for Easter Seals of Illinois. I love it. I do not plan to leave this job unless they boot me out kicking and screaming. lol.

I work as the head teacher in the infant room. I have 8 babies in my room ranging from 6 weeks old to 15 months old. Luckily you only have to be teacher certified to do my job. I do have an assistant teacher because in daycare you have to have one person to four babies. We do a lot of great things though. We have these adorable strollers that can hold four babies in each and we can take them for walks or anything. I love it. There are two baby rooms and the other room has the same amount and the same age.

All the girls I work with are amazing. I always knew I wanted to work with children in some way but never got myself to go to college long enough to earn my bachelor's degree in teaching. How more fitting could this be though. I mean I have 8 babies every day that highly depend on me. If I end up never being able to have my own then atleast I have them in my life.

The other great thing is that our insurance and pay and everything is a lot like a state employees since we are state funded. One of my co workers (she works in our preschool room) is 38 unmarried and decided she wanted a baby. So she got a sperm donor and did IVF. Our insurance paid 80% of it. I checked it out right away to see if mine would be denied for preexisting and they don't even pay attention to that. They said it should still cover most of it. I just have to wait until I have been there for 3 months before they will cover anything. Only 2 months left. yeah.

I am so happy that everything is finally starting to come back together in my life. I told the company upfront that I was trying to get pregnant but that I plan to continue working afterwards. They said that it's not a problem. There I get 6 weeks paid maternity leave and when I come back I get free childcare. Since I work in one of the infant rooms, my baby would be in the other baby room but only a door away from me. I am allowed to walk over to the room and breast feed or anything. My kids would be in my work building from infant to preschool.

So, we are hoping to do IVF by no later than August 09. We will be going back to a specialist though as soon as my insurance is in effect. I am so excited.

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