Friday, September 14, 2007

Hectic Life

Wow, could our lives get any busier. Where do I start, hmmm. Well we had a nasty storm that had several mini tornadoes so we have to get a new roof. (atleast we didn't have massive flooding like our neighbors. See my myspace photos if you want to see our city flooded) I have been arguing with the insurance company to cover the whole thing. They cut us a check for the whole cost so I guess I must be good at bitching. lol. We have both been crazy busy with our jobs. We gave up temporarily on trying for a baby so that we can save for IVF. My older sister decides she is going to go through a midlife crisis and leaves her husband. So pretty much my family has a lot of drama going on right now. Other than that, it has just been so crazy busy for us. We have been religiously exercising and losing weight. It is coming off slowly but it is coming off. I can't believe I am actually wearing a 12 in jeans again. I never thought I could wear that again. (ok so in certain brands I still wear 14s but atleast I can shop in the junior section) We have been watching biggest loser on Tuesdays and it motivates us. lol. I have been thinking of starting a weight loss blog to keep track of everything but I am not sure how to start it and what I want it to say. I guess I need to find some to take examples from. I have about 40 lbs I want to lose so that I can weigh 125lbs. I know, I am a porker right now. I want to do this before we decide to get pregnant so that when I take baby weight off I wont have to lose as much. So I am starting my goal high. Anyways, I think that is all the updates I have for now. Watch for me to start my weight loss blog and hopefully I can force myself to stay up on this one a little better. Until next time.