Saturday, September 11, 2010

So much to tell so little time...

Well there is so much I could tell but I just don't have the time I used to. I will start with the fact that my husband and I celebrated 5 wonderful years of marriage this year! As a special treat we went to Turks & Caicos. Stayed at the Beaches Resort. It was the most amazing vacation I have ever been on. We hope to travel to Antigua, St. Lucia, or somewhere great in 2012. That will depend though on if we do invitro any time soon. I will be posting pics of the trip so keep scrolling after I am finished with my rambles. lol

I have 2 new nephews. My youngest sister and her husband had their second baby in April. Gavyn is such a doll and a very good baby. I absolutely love him! My husband's youngest sister also had a baby recently. She had a baby boy in July. He looks so much like his daddy its unreal. I don't get to see too much of him unfortunately. But in the pics I see of him on facebook he looks like a little ham. They are planning to get married next May so we will have a wedding to be looking forward to. I will also be trying to eventually get up pics of them but that will come after the vacation photos!

Well if I have forgotten anything I will hopefully remember I do have a blog and try to update. I am also working on several different crafts so I will post about them as I finish them.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Weekend.

So we went out to the park once again to take some photos that I can use for Danika's wedding programs. We have a lot of amazing photos. I will post a few in this but I don't plan to post the ones I am using. I would rather that be a surprise. Anyways, on our way back home from the park we passed this dead deer on the side of the road. Danika and I were to busy looking at the pics to really pay attention. That is until Tanner and Austin were laughing so extremely hard. So Tanner turned the car around to show us what was so funny. This is what it was all about...


Do you think he maybe had too much to drink?!? LOL

Sorry, I know that is gross. Here is some more of the pics. I had over 100 pics all together so I just picked some of my favs.







Photobucket This one I need to do some cropping on to get that mess of branches out of the bottom of it.


PhotobucketLove the color of this bridge. This pic was good but we have a better one. I wish he would have looked up for this one.


Just remember, none of these have been used in the program. These are just random. Danika has all the pictures so if you would like to see more than the little taste I have given you please ask her to see them.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Starved Rock Park

So we took Zeus for the first time hiking at the park. Zeta loves going and we figured he would also. What we didn't realize is how much of him is Labrador and loves water. It had rained two nights before so there were a lot of creeks flowing and some muddy spots. He loved every minute of it. There are several water falls on the trails and he made sure that the two we visited he swam in. He was so wet and so dirty. We had to enter the house through our garage, strip our clothes off and carry him to the bathroom so we could give him a bath right away. Let me remind you that he is a 60lb dog and only 8 months old. Zeta loved it out there also but of course most of the time she wanted to be carried because she can't stand to get her paws wet or dirty. Here are a few of my favorite pics from our hike. If you want to see more check out my myspace or facebook page.








Okay so that was a lot of pictures. But we had so much fun.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I've jumped again.

Job jump that is. I have a new job working for Easter Seals of Illinois. I love it. I do not plan to leave this job unless they boot me out kicking and screaming. lol.

I work as the head teacher in the infant room. I have 8 babies in my room ranging from 6 weeks old to 15 months old. Luckily you only have to be teacher certified to do my job. I do have an assistant teacher because in daycare you have to have one person to four babies. We do a lot of great things though. We have these adorable strollers that can hold four babies in each and we can take them for walks or anything. I love it. There are two baby rooms and the other room has the same amount and the same age.

All the girls I work with are amazing. I always knew I wanted to work with children in some way but never got myself to go to college long enough to earn my bachelor's degree in teaching. How more fitting could this be though. I mean I have 8 babies every day that highly depend on me. If I end up never being able to have my own then atleast I have them in my life.

The other great thing is that our insurance and pay and everything is a lot like a state employees since we are state funded. One of my co workers (she works in our preschool room) is 38 unmarried and decided she wanted a baby. So she got a sperm donor and did IVF. Our insurance paid 80% of it. I checked it out right away to see if mine would be denied for preexisting and they don't even pay attention to that. They said it should still cover most of it. I just have to wait until I have been there for 3 months before they will cover anything. Only 2 months left. yeah.

I am so happy that everything is finally starting to come back together in my life. I told the company upfront that I was trying to get pregnant but that I plan to continue working afterwards. They said that it's not a problem. There I get 6 weeks paid maternity leave and when I come back I get free childcare. Since I work in one of the infant rooms, my baby would be in the other baby room but only a door away from me. I am allowed to walk over to the room and breast feed or anything. My kids would be in my work building from infant to preschool.

So, we are hoping to do IVF by no later than August 09. We will be going back to a specialist though as soon as my insurance is in effect. I am so excited.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am such a loser...

I really need to stay on top of this thing. I am going to try to keep up on it. Its just so hectic sometimes. There really isn't a lot new right now. I do have a new job but I will go into details another night on that. I have a nasty head cold and need to medicate and sleep. Plus my dogs are driving me crazy. So I guess I will will just start trying to squeeze in a bit when I can between working, family time, working out, and all the other things I do to keep myself busy. Until next time...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Hectic Life

Wow, could our lives get any busier. Where do I start, hmmm. Well we had a nasty storm that had several mini tornadoes so we have to get a new roof. (atleast we didn't have massive flooding like our neighbors. See my myspace photos if you want to see our city flooded) I have been arguing with the insurance company to cover the whole thing. They cut us a check for the whole cost so I guess I must be good at bitching. lol. We have both been crazy busy with our jobs. We gave up temporarily on trying for a baby so that we can save for IVF. My older sister decides she is going to go through a midlife crisis and leaves her husband. So pretty much my family has a lot of drama going on right now. Other than that, it has just been so crazy busy for us. We have been religiously exercising and losing weight. It is coming off slowly but it is coming off. I can't believe I am actually wearing a 12 in jeans again. I never thought I could wear that again. (ok so in certain brands I still wear 14s but atleast I can shop in the junior section) We have been watching biggest loser on Tuesdays and it motivates us. lol. I have been thinking of starting a weight loss blog to keep track of everything but I am not sure how to start it and what I want it to say. I guess I need to find some to take examples from. I have about 40 lbs I want to lose so that I can weigh 125lbs. I know, I am a porker right now. I want to do this before we decide to get pregnant so that when I take baby weight off I wont have to lose as much. So I am starting my goal high. Anyways, I think that is all the updates I have for now. Watch for me to start my weight loss blog and hopefully I can force myself to stay up on this one a little better. Until next time.

Monday, August 13, 2007

New Job.

Well, a lot has happened. First off, I got a new job. I actually have to work full time again. Atleast it is a Monday thru Friday job. I am off by 4 and on Fridays I am off at 1. So that is good. But their insurance sucks so I am going to be picking up Tanner's. Only thing is, he can't put me on his until October. So no trying for babies again until that happens. Even then, we may just hold out because my baby sister is currently pregnant. Everyone has been giving her an extremely hard time say things like "how can you do this to your sister" and other things. Well, she didn't do it on purpose and if I can understand that, why can't others. I am extremely happy for her. A little jealous yes but that is expected. I am not one bit mad at her though and I am a little excited. Atleast now I can buy baby stuff. I have seen so many cute things that I want to buy thinking "no, I can't or I will really jinx myself and never have kids" so now I will just buy it for her. She is due in April so I am pretty sure we will wait until next July before doing invitro. Maybe even August. I want to have a summer baby since everyone seems to be having babies in April, August, September, October, and November. I am shooting for a May or June baby. I know, I am getting a little picky but when you spend almost $30,000 trying to get pregnant I think you should get some choices. Tanner wants to go as far as picking the sex but I personally want some excitement left in it. lol. Anyways, when I get on his insurance, I think as long as I have it for 6 months before doing IVF, it will actually cover a lot of the cost. I hope that is true. In the mean time, I plan to spoil the shit out of Joni and her new and upcoming baby. I am hoping she has a girl. I will probably update on here again soon. I am finally able to express myself again and not cry all the time. That's it for now so until next time.